‘Ikale Tahi Team to play France

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 The ‘Ikale Tahi Head Coach, ‘Isitolo Maka has selected the following players to play against France this Saturday 1 October 2011 at the Wellington Regional Stadium:

1                    Soane Tonga’uiha

2                    ‘Aleki Lutui

3                    Kisi Pulu

4                    Tukulua Lokotui

5                    Paino Hehea

6                    Sione Kalamafoni

7                    Finau Maka, Captain

8                    Viliami Ma’afu

9                    Taniela Moa

10                Kurt Morath

11                Sukanaivalu Hufanga

12                Andrew Ma’ilei

13                Siale Piutau

14                Viliame ‘Iongi

15                Vungakoto Lilo, Vice Captain


16                Ephraim Taukafa

17                ‘Alisona Taumalolo

18                Halani ‘Aulika

19                Joe Tu’ineau

20                Samiu Vahafolau

21                Thomas Palu

22                ‘Alipate Fatafehi

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4 Comments to “‘Ikale Tahi Team to play France”

  • Dear ‘Ikale Tahi,

    Please let me give you a little advise for the next game.

    Finau Maka has to prove that he even belongs in the team. It is amazing that after he showed his form on the first two matches, he is stilled picked to be the captain, let alone play in this game.

    The tries against the ABs came from out wide because they have overlap. The reason why there was overlap because the back line have to cover the inside channel before they slide out. When you give the ABs a half a step, they are gone. I witnessed this first hand at Eden Park. I even pointed out the problems to my friends we watched the match just about everytime before the ABs scored a try.

    The game against Canada our #6 went missing again and on the other hand, Canadian #6 was named the man of the match because he was all over the pitch tackling our big guys, stealing ball, securing possesions, running with the ball, and also a lineout option.

    Against Japan our loose forward did well especially our #6.

    The world class #7 at this level of the competition is a work horse. He covers the inside channel, first at the breakdown to secure the ball, first at the tackle situation ready to steal the ball, lineout option, #7 & #8 backup, he also catches the ball instead of throwing it over to the opposition. At the end of the night, the #7 has positive running meters rather than negative.

    Kalamafoni is even a better option at #7 even if Vaiomo’unga is injured. Have someone else at #6 and drop Finau Maka to be the assistance coach.

    When you choose the wrong person for captain, you try to keep him on the pitch for the wrong reason.

    This is not marriage where you stand by your pick for the rest of your life. This is a sporting event where you swallow your pride when you realise you made a huge mistake when you didn’t pick the best to represent the country…political or not. Here is your chance to prove that you are competent. You have enough technical & tactical skills to turn a bad situation into a sweet one and make the Kingdom of Tonga and it’s people proud.

    We need to make our tackles and stop them from breaking the gain line. We do that when we come forward and meet them up front. We also need to commit only a couple of defenders to the ruck/maul situation and watch the fringe for their pick & go, and also slide and help out wide when necessary. Hold on to our possesions. Get some forward momentum by breaking their tackle & gain line and have continuity. Have patience with the build up and give Kurt some opportunities to kick the France out of the park. They gave up tackling the ABs and we can make them give up as too only if we run hard at them.

    Go ‘Ikale Tahi!! We have done it before…we can do it again!

    ‘Ofa atu mo e lotu;

    ‘Aisea Tu’akihekolo Tu’ikolovatu
    (Proud ‘Ikale Tahi Fan)

    • Interesting !

      • nice input & our thoughts exactly aisea! we watched finau get caught out in the all blacks game time & time again but still turned out for the Canada game! like wth? come on surely we can get someone else out there? there are also a few other little things to tidy up but thats not my job! lol. one thing that i dont understand is this: kapau kuo tu’o 50 a e tuki(hitups) pea ikai pe ke break e defensive laine e tiimi e taha, fulihi a kiha mea e taha! oku ikai te iai ha plan B ia? kuo ha hono kovi kae kii grubber kihe in goal? pe holomui ae feesi o ai a ha tolopu ke ma’u ha kii taovala! kuo tau avea (fk taha mo Ha’amoa) he fie milimili sino kuo ngalo ia ‘ia tau tolu, koe akapulu oku fai aki e fk kaukau lelei ikai koe sino fefeka! ‘brains’ not brawn! we have to stop this Island mentally of everyone trying to be Jonah, running it from pretty much everywhere & anywhere! how about just kicking for territory, go down into oppositions red zone, defend & put some pressure on opposition? anyways good luck for this weeks game. Go Hard Ikale Tahi!!!

  • Talofa Ikale Tahi,

    I have also agreed with Aisea about the captain. No disrespect for him, but he really need to sit this game out for the sake of the team as well as the country. All the Tongans here in American Samoa has been wearing red “ikale tahi” shirt to support the team. Since tomorrow is the game, please keep up the good work and don’t forget that not a single Tongan here in American Samoa is not proud. Make us proud, win or loose Tongans till we die.

    Ia manuia le taaloga ma ia loto toa.

    Ofa lahi atu

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